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    I had a lady offer me a couple of goats. She said I could get her pygmy doe, bred back to her pygmy buck and keep the doe in exchange for giving her back a doe kid when one is born. That doe has triplets that were born three weeks ago, one doe and three bucks. She also offered me a wether.

    So, I have been thinking about it. Is a 'pygmy' and an "African Pygmy' the same thing? What kind of shelter do they need? I have seen pics of everything from doghouses to stalls in a barn for the goats. What is necessary? Will they sleep in the "goat house" at night? I ask that because I was thinking about building a large enclosure for them to graze in and a smaller, more secure area where they can be safe from predators at night. Can I easily close them in at night like I do the chickens? I was thinking that I could feed them in the secure area when I go out to put the chickens up and they would go in to eat, so I wouldn't have to catch them.

    I had some goats (large ones) years ago, at my other farm. I loved them, but a pack of dogs got into their pen and killed them one day. They were much larger than these will be and I am worried about dogs or coyotes getting them.

    Any insight will be appreciated...
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    Going to try and help as best I can. Though I'd recommend hopping on over to Backyardherds, a sistersite to BYC! Also, everyone does care differently, so there are a lot of opinions.

    A pygmy and an African pygmy are the same goat. A small breed of goat was once imported from West Africa, and selective breeding of those originals has led to the the modern pygmy and also the dairy breed the Nigerian Dwarf.

    As you found with your searching, there is a lot of variation to shelters. Like chickens, as long as shelter is dry and draft free, it'll work! For my girls, I use a shed that windows were installed on for air circulation. My boys get put in a stall at night, then put in their pen during the day. The boys' pen has some shelter, but not good shelter, haven't finished it yet.

    I do close up my goats at night from predators. I hear coyotes singing quite often. So like my chickens, all goats are safely closed in at dusk. My goats all know the routine. I give them all a bit of grain in the evening (more of a treat, since it isn't much). As soon as they see me with the grain scoop they RUN into their shelter and the feed pans I have attached to the walls. The boys, I just open up their pen, and then make a mad dash into the barn and their stall (no leads needed, hah) because they know I put grain in their feed pan too. Goats are hugely food oriented. Actually, I've found it easier to train my goats with a pocketful of treats than some dogs!

    I hope this helps. And good luck in your venture!
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    i have 2 pygmys and 2 boar goats they have an enclosure and a fenced in area they can go in during the day. they are free to move from the shelter to the pasture morning and night. But they like to sleep in their shelter at night. I also let them out when i am home keeping a close eye on them since they like to get into everything like flowers or feed bins they can tip over. I have had no issues with predators going after my goats. They are very easy to train too. Mine come when they are called and follow me around like dogs. They also like to go for rides in a cart behind the wheeler. I raised one pygmy by bottle and one issue about that is she became VERY attached to me. She hates it when i leave the pen. Other than that they are great goats to keep and are very entertaining to watch.
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    Learn something new each day. I had goats as a child as well, Nubian milk goats, and we kept them in an old chicken coop. How is that for irony? I also found when I studied goat breeds that most breeds are of African origin, including Pygmy goats. They weren't very hard to care for but I remember that they LOVED attention and were very good escape artists so a tall fence that they cannot climb over is a MUST! At least 4' but I think ours was 5' because our goats were big. Pygmy goats can probably be contained in a 4' fence. Use welded wire, as woven wire fences allow them to get their heads stuck easier. Good luck!
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    I have 3 goats! 2 fainters and a Nigerian. They have a little house my step dad built and they only go in if the weather gets yucky. Definitely research the breed you plan on getting before you jump right in. I wouldn't trade my little hay burners for nothing :D

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