Goat rescue....things to worry about????


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We keep passing this poor little famale goat a guy has had in a small cage on the side of the road trying to sell her. She has food and water, and is on grass, but in a pretty small cage day and night alone. We are thinking of buying her, but after having a horrific first chicken experience(bought swap chickens who gave the whole flock ILT)
we thought we would ask some folks who know more about this. Is there anything we need to know before we get this goat? Do they have horrible diseases that will infect others if we decide to get more. (heard the goats need goat or sheep friends) How can I tell if she isn't healthy? Sorry if these are really super basic silly questions, but don't want to repeat the horrible chicken experience. Thanks!!

Also, should we have our big animal vet out to look at her? I think they will see goats.
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I just got two Nigerian dwarf goats ..their so amazing..hop into backyard herds ...and ask too..because I am such a learner right now

And yep..u know u will have to get another one soon..because if u get this one..it's gonna need a buddy

Look at its gums to see if they are bright pink or pale. Worms are the number one killer of goats . Young goats don't usually have CL, but ask to see the mom or other herd members. If you see lumps on their necks or sores, they probably have CL and can pass it to other goats. If the goat looks sick or has diarrhea, don't buy it.
First things first, I would go look the little goat over. Figure out what species,what age, how big its gonna git, etc.

Look at its mouth and teeth, pale gums would indicate worms, it may have an over bite or an underbite but if your not breeding and it can still eat I wouldn't worry about this...

Look at its hooves, do they look inflamed, swollen, painful. If so it could be hoof rot or some other condition from sitting in wet turf and not getting its hooves trimed. (I believe hoof rot is contagious but can only breed in really muddy mucky conditions.)

Check her udders for any deformities,(if she is a mature goat with hanging udders also check for heat or sensitivity) more than two for instance...again if you are not breeding or milking this is not a problem in a pet goat....

Check its eyes, nose, and mouth...any dischard can and often is a sign of something bad(like pink eye) which can be transferred but can also be treated...overly sweet breath can also be a problem.

Over all, a healthy goat should look bright, curious, and active, with a shiny coat and tail that is carried high or curled over the back.

For example, a goat sitting hunched in a corner with its eyes crusty and glazed over and its tail tucked under is not a healthy goat.

But, if she looks resonably good for a goat that has been sittin' in a tiny cage day and night for a while I would rescue the little thing, Goats make super awesome pets and you will not regret it.

Oh, and yes, if you get her you are going to need to get her a buddy and it would be advisable to bring her to a vet(or even better, if you have the money and your vet makes house calls, have the vet look her over before you buy her)(I know this is usually only done with horses but if your really concerened it couldn't hurt)
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Well, goat folks...my DH couldn't stand it and we bought the little doe.
We called the guy and he must have got her in trade or at auction. He thinks she is a nigerian cross and about 6 months old.. She is about 30-40 pounds. Eyes were clean and bright, hooves looked in good shape. No diarrhea, got to see her droppings. Pretty skittish but carefully came up to DH for a handful of grass. Her teeth are in "like new" condition. The only bad thing we noticed was she had a ear tag in with numbers on it and it looked red, scabby, and very painful. DH had to use bolt cutters to get it off. Left poor little thing a nasty hole.
I cleaned it with betadine and packed it good with neosporin. Our horse vet is coming Wednesday for health check and vaccinations. She is in our HUGE chicken run(she was enjoying running all over) with the chickens for now. She decided to go in our shed coop this evening and lay down inside. I didn't make her come out, it was freaking her and the chickens out trying to get her out...so that's another story. Anyway, we got alfalfa hay out and goat sweet feed from Southern States, and a goat mineral lick. Anything we are missing here? ANything horribly mucked up for her so far? Can she hang with the chickens until we get her a permanent goat house and a buddy? Thanks for the help!!! I'll try to post a picture tomorrow. She is black with white spot...very pretty.
Do you have a dog? Our Lucy was great buddies with our dog, it was so much fun to watch the two of them play. I miss that goat
We have 2 labradors, but they got a bit worked up when they saw the goat. We may have to work with them. The doe actually seemed pretty interested in them. Shouldn't be too hard to get them used to her. They were easy to train to be around the chickens. Not normal that you can trust retievers with birds, but our female is super protective and even adopted an orphan 4 week old kitten once. The younger almost 2 year old pup seems to follow her lead. DH has spent MANY hours training them both. Sorry about your goat.....maybe you need a new one?
I want to see a picture, I think goats are absolutely adorable but after finding out what you have to do to have a chicken around here, a goat is a def no no. So instead I goat envy!

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