Goat with a Lump


6 Years
Mar 18, 2015
I have a question regarding what this lump may be. I am not sure how long it has been on this doe but I noticed it a few days ago. It has not changed in size and is has hard as rock! I don't feel fluid around it and I can't move the lump. She has not lost any hair on the lump.

I am completely new to goats and have searched everything and am completely overwhelmed with all the information-especially regarding CL. I feel like I should prepare myself if the results come back as CL positive. :( I do not know if the previous owner did testing ( something I know to do next time!) so I am unaware if this was an issue in their herd.

She is currently pregnant and I just wormed them 3 months ago and then wormed the other day (just in case that is an issue). Any advice is appreciated! The lump in is under her chin in the picture kinda where the neck and jaw meet.
First thing that comes to mind is an early tumor. If it's new it may not have lost the fur on it. I am not sure but i think you should definitely set up a check-up with a veterinarian that covers farm animals.
Don't get scared, i know nothing about tumors, i am completely guessing! No need to loose sleep over it but i do suggest you get her a check-up sooner than later.
-Let me know if you find out anything or if the vet says something. It might be useful to know what it is if one of my goats got one, Or if i come across someone else with the same problem i'd know how to help or be able to suggest something.
If it turns out to be CL, PM me. Don't panic. Contrary to what people may tell you, including some young vets, a diagnoses of CL is not the knell of doom and to euthanize a goat simply because it is positive for CL is not necessary. I can tell you how to deal with CL and how to prevent the spread to other animals in the herd, if any. When I first started raising goats over 40 years ago, CL was so common just about every herd in my area had it to some degree. We all got rid of it and it wasn't all that hard to do so either. The lump looks like an abscess. Not all, or even most abscesses are CL. When I had to deal with an abscess I didn't care it it was CL or not. I treated all abscesses the same.
Thank you Everyone! Not having any experience with goats and reading everywhere that CL means a 'death sentence' is overwhelming. :( Cassie, I loved that you are so positive about it managing and dealing with it (I will definitely get advice from you on what to do if its CL!!). I get why some breeders need to do what they have to do but she is too much of a sweet heart to think about doing that!! We only have two goats so I feel like it will be a lot easier to manage then if I had more. They both are pregnant and the kids will be going to another herd once they are weaned so that only adds to the stress. Good thing I love these goats.....lol

Someone had mentioned that this could possibly be an Iodine deficiency and to try Iodine on the tail. Which I did and will check tomorrow. That would be pretty simple fix if it is only that??

I will update on the results of the test!! Thanks-you!
Cassie, In reference to treating the abscess, do you lance when it gets soft and squishy, and clean out with Iodine? And would you recommend this even if there is no CL? And is there really a time frame that this abscess can go from hard to soft?
I treated all abscesses the same. As to how long it takes for the abscess to ripen, if indeed it is an abscess, is variable. It can be days, weeks, or even months. Yes, you lance it when it is soft and squishy and clean it out with iodine. However, you want to do it in such a way that the other goat(s) are not exposed to the pus. If you want to know exactly how, PM me and I will tell you in painstaking detail how to take care of any abscess.

A lot of things besides CL can cause abscesses. Things like a small puncture that got infected, a grass awn, etc. can do it. For the record, that lump may not even be an abscess. Time will tell.

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