Goat with swollen leg after weathering


May 28, 2019
We got our 3month goat weathered a couple of days ago but today I saw that his right rear leg is swollen I've been giving him 1 meloxicam once day for pain and he got a booster of tetanus is this connected to the weathering or something else and what should I do
Where did he get the tetanus shot at? I have had goats for years but I've never had a problem like this after weathering. If the shot was in his swollen leg that could be the root of the problem. You could also make an account on a goat forum, such as The Goat Spot. Although I'm sure many people on this forum have goats, you'll probably have more luck on a goat forum. If the swelling continues to get worse I would take him to a vet.
Were you giving the injection in the muscle or under the skin? All injections for goats, except for IV,should be given subcutaneously and not in the muscle. That way you are less likely to hit a vein or injure a nerve. This isn't just my idea. This is what I was told by the vets at UC Davis.

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