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    We're eventually going to add goats. We'd like to keep it to dairy wethers and does and a few meat or meat dairy mixes. I like the Nubians, mini-nubians and nigerian dwarves in dairy goats.

    What do you test for, expect stock that you purchase to be tested for, vaccinated for, do you expect records of worming?

    I've looked at rescue goats because I'm a rescuer at heart but most rescue animals are CAE/CL or Brucellosis positive. I don't really want to bring any of that here. Or some rescue homes don't test and don't like being asked? What is that?

    Some locals I ask about testing just blink at me as if, look it's a goat, what's to test for?

    Then again every third or fourth dog coming into rescue here is heartworm positive, I shouldn't be surprised.

    What do you do?
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    This is all a personal choice. Positive goats require extra supportive care, CAE can be debilitating, CL can cause a goat to be a very hard keeper and eventually die and is extremely contagious.

    If you want to be as cautious as possible, just have the animals vetted before you get them. All of the serums can be run in about 2 weeks, and NO seller should be unwilling to hold the goat while you await test results. You should also get a fecal done to check for worms or cocci.

    I do expect health records on my new purchases. Still, don't believe what you see in every case...start them over as soon as you get them to be sure your bases are covered.

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