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    May 27, 2010
    Anyone ever had a goat whom you couldn't keep in a area for nothing? We have a large Nubian Buck who is in bobwire with electric. He gets out daily and takes his herd with him. One of the babies now gets out all the time as well. I really do not want to get rid of him but if we cannot keep him in I am afraid we will have to. Hubbie is really getting upset about the whole thing. He has tried everything to keep him in, but nothing seems to work.
    Any idea's?

    A little background on this goat:
    He belonged to my step mother-in-laws son who lived in the city and had him and his brother in a dog lot as babies. When he broke up with his girlfriend he gave them to my father in law. My father in law traded the one brother for a Doe for him and had them in a large run about the size of a barn lot or paddock. He got out of there a few times with his Doe. (The Doe was owned by a guy who had a large herd of goats and she had never gotten out before.) Hubbie's dad lost the land that he had them on and had to get rid of them. So hubbie took them. We nursed them, b/c they were a bit under weight and took care of a few other small problems and they seemed happy. We had them in a smaller lot which we enlarged taking up some wooded/grassy area that was once fenced off for the Cattle. At this point they started getting out each day. Taking down the fence in one spot each day same spot. We added electric and reenforced the fenced area taking special care with the spot they liked to escape at. Now they have about 5 new places he pushes down getting shocked and gets out. We have made new effort in those area's, but I get up to him out this morning in the first spot he used to take down. He also will jump/climb wooden fencing.

    Other then getting out, he is a very sweet buck. Comes to his name, except when he is on a jailbreak. He nuzzles and does not bite. Nice to his doe and offspring. We live here on a couple hundred acres but as they (Him and the kid that gets out most ) are both deer colored it worries us with them getting out. They always get out into the cows field but we have poaching on the property.
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    I have two Boer/Nubians who were escape artists too. They got out of everything, and figured out how to jump the electric fencing (5 feet). We eventually had to get 6ft tall welded wire. We stapled that to 8 ft tall posts that were buried and concreted in. We then took heavy wire and weaved that on the top and bottom of the fencing so that they could not push it out We also stapled the fence on the inside of the posts so that when they rubbed against it, they would not loosen the staples. We found the fencing at Ollie's bargain outlet for $65 per 100'. It was a great find. The TSC here sells the same thing for $120 so it was not much more. They have not gotten out since.

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