~*Gobbles and Clucks- A Turkey and Chicken RP*~ *Restarted*

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  1. ~*~ Gobbles & Clucks ~*~ A Chicken & Turkey RP ~*~

    Please Read First
    A) By participating in this game, I promise that all BYC Rules will be followed and that I have read and understood the Role Play Rules that are in a sticky at the top of the Games forum.
    B) I promise that all content is to be rated G and suitable for all ages.
    C) I promise that there will be no swearing, cursing (including censoring by using symbols) or inappropriate adult sexual activity or innuendo. This extends to mating, breeding or innuendo in non-human characters as well.
    D) I promise to treat others with respect and kindness as is the BYC way.
    E) I promise not to post any material that is a violation of copyright. Basically this means: if you didn't create the content (like an image / picture) and don't have direct permission from the content creator to post it, then don't.

    ~Alright!! My First RP has restarted- All characters will be deleted- we need a new, fresh start!!~

    If you have an idea, suggestion or a question PM me!
    If you need help filling in your form, just ask.
    Don't RP until you have been accepted.
    No killing without my permission.
    When I "Pause" the RP do not continue until I say so.
    If you have read the rules stated above and agree to follow them, write "Flock!" in Other.

    For centuries the chickens and the turkeys have been in a seemingly endless war, constantly fighting over territory, food sources and nesting areas. Brutally attacking each other, simply because they want the larger territory. Many turkeys and chickens die of starvation, infection, abandonment and predation, natural death is a rare occurrence in the war-swept land.
    Each year, the turkeys always gain the larger territory, leaving the chickens with hardly anything. The chickens want to fight back, they want revenge, but with only a few chickens left, due to the lack of nesting areas, how can they?
    Now, with spring fast approaching, the chickens desperately need a larger nesting area. Will they be able to win the larger territory this year? Or, will they fail yet again?

    - Turkey Ranks.
    Male Flock Leader - One Place Available.
    Female Flock Leader - One Place Available.
    Flock Member - Unlimited Availability.
    Just Hatched - Unlimited Availability.

    - Chicken Ranks.
    Male Flock Leader - One Place Available.
    Female Flock Leader - One Place Available.
    Flock Member - Unlimited Availability.
    Just Hatched - Unlimited Availability.

    Species: (Chicken or Turkey.)

    -Character Page-
    ( Gobbles and Clucks- A Turkey and Chicken RP- Restarted- Member Page)

    Owner: Turkenstein25.
    Co-owner: ChickenShan.
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    Jul 26, 2014
    Name: Crimson.
    Age: Five.
    Gender: Female.
    Rank: Female Flock Leader.
    Species: Chicken.
    Personality: Aggressive, protective, quiet.
    History: After her mother and father were killed, became the female leader of the flock.
    Picture/Description: A Red Star with a large comb and light brown eyes.
    Username: ChickenShan.
    Other: Flock!


    Name: April.
    Age: One.
    Gender: Female.
    Rank: Flock Member.
    Species: Turkey.
    Personality: Shy, friendly, can be talkative.
    History: She's still very young, she has never fought the chickens before.
    Picture/Description: A small, white turkey with bright blue eyes.
    Username: ChickenShan.
    Other: Flock!


    Name: Ace.
    Age: Three.
    Gender: Male.
    Rank: Flock Member.
    Species: Chicken.
    Personality: Stern, loud, bit of a joker, very protective of Crimson.
    History: Unknown.
    Picture/Description: A large Buff Orpington with light green eyes and a large, droopy comb.
    Username: ChickenShan.
    Other: Flock!
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  3. Name:Tobias
    Rank:Male Flock Leader
    Species: Turkey
    Personality:Willing to do anything for others, brave, stubborn.
    History:Has many deep dark secrets he doesnt want to share.
    Picture/Description: A Brown ad white turkey.
  4. Name: Ashton
    Age: 1
    Gender: hen
    Rank: Female flock leader
    Species: (Chicken or Turkey.) Turkey
    Personality:Shy,friendly,can get sassy
    History:isn't a fan of the chickens
    Picture/Description: pure black
    Username:Ducky 13
    Other: flock
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  5. The female flock leader is already taken)
  6. (Fixed it)
  7. (accepted)
  8. Yay
  9. LittleBrownie

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    Sep 30, 2014
    (( What happened to the last one?))
  10. (Nobody was in it and people said it was boring so we edited the whole thing to make it better)

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