Going CRAZY trying to find recipe for Pickled Onions! Please share

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There are tons of Pickled Onions recipes out there but all seem to be for the refrigerator. I want one that the onions are crispy and that you process in a water bath and can keep with other canned vegetables for winter. Does anyone have a recipe or knowledge of how to do that. Thanks in advance.
Here's one from the Prairie Home Cooking cookbook.

Brew Pub Pickled Onions
makes 6-8 8oz jars

1/2 cup salt
2 pounds small white boiling onions (about 1" dia)
5 cups malt vinegar
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons mixed pickling spice
5 whole cloves
10-12 black peppercorns

Day 1. Place the salt in a bowl. Peel the onions, add to bowl, toss gently to distribute the salt. Let the onions cure in the salt overnight.

Day 2. Wash the onions in cold water to remove salt. Drain them and pat dry. Bring the vinegar, sugar, spices, cloves and peppercorns to a boil in a large nonreactive saucepan. Boil gently for 5 minutes, then add the onions. Bring back to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about 8 minutes, until the onions begin to be tender but still are crisp. Avoid overcooking.

Transfer the onions to 6 to 8 hot, sterilized 8 ounce canning jars. Pour in the spiced liquid, leaving 1/4" headspace. Cap jars according to manufacturers directions.

Process for 10 minutes in a boiling water bath. Remove, cool, and test seals. Let the onions steep for 3 weeks in a cool, dry, dark place before using. The onions will keep indefinitely.
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