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Cindy in PA

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Jul 8, 2008
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Put my 13 chicks out in the coop last Wednesday. Finally opened the door to the inner run on Sunday & most marched right outside. They were back in by 7 huddled in the corner for the night. Just turned the auto door back on today. The coop closes at 8:13 (sundown) & we will see if they are all in at 7 like they have been. Going away Memorial Day weekend, so hope this streak continues. I think these chicks have been the easiest in all my 24 years of raising chickens. Their inner run is only 100 square feet, with the outer run making it 326 sq. feet. Don't know if I will get my new net on before next week & I'm worried being in the small run will cause problems. My outer net was taken down a few weeks ago by some branches in a storm. They will be almost 9 weeks when I go away. The coop is 64 square feet. Anyone think I will have problems? I have 5 Australorps, 4 EEs & 4 Partridge Rocks. They are so fun to watch. Haven't raised chicks in 5 years!


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I think they will be just fine in the 100 sq feet run.
Go away and have fun, try to enjoy your trip!

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