Going on 3wks of Pasty Butt~will it ever end?


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Aug 31, 2008
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I acquired 5 chicks 3wks ago. They were all around a few days old when I got them. There is one particular chick (who was supposed to be a GL Cochin Bantam, but is some sort of unknown) that has had pasty butt for the entire time I have had it! I clean it everyday, give yogurt, temps are fine, etc. Everyone else has been fine, except for this particular one. Also, this one had cocci, it has since been treated.

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, if there is something additional I could be doing?
I've searched some pages on here and they don't really give a "time-line" per say...is it normal?

I can't say this is the answer but it worked for us. After our chicks were a week old they had ACV in their water and several times a week were given a "treat" of chick food with a little ground flaxseed moistened with some water with ACV in it. If you feel comfortable with this you might give it a try. Good Luck!
Are you supplementing the water or is it just clean fresh plain water? I prefer plain myself.

I had a silkie that had pasty butt for a week after bringing home from the feed store.
Yes - some chicks have more trouble than others! I'm still battling it with my favorelle and she's 3 wks old! However each day is getting better. The single best thing that helped was soaking the baby's bum in a very warm bowl of water for almost 10minutes. At that point it was soft enough to clean completely. Then I used my blow dryer on the warm setting and fluffed her up nicely. Last I coated her vent with Vaseline and viola! She's doing better with only a little pastyness now. It's a lesson in patience so hang in there!
Thanks for the info all
They currently just drink plain water and I'm definitely going to try the vaseline on the vent. Hopefully something works, I just feel so bad when I'm cleaning her bottom
Ok I hate pasty butt! I decided after my first hatch and lots of pasty butts and warm baths that enough was enough. So I got a pair of hair scissors-really sharp thin scissors. and cut all butt hair off of my chicks on my second batch-I have had 4 batches since ans every time I wait until they are 3-4 days old and cut it off-never have cut them just all butt hair fluff. Have never had a pasty butt again-
I have a question about pasty butts.... I have 8 babies in with mama. She is very protective of the babies. The babies are, of course, terrified of me.

Will Mama take care of the pasty butts or do I just need to take control of the situation and "fight" her for them? I haven't done anything yet and they're a week old. I can tell that one or two of them have pasty butts, though.
i heard if the food and water is to close to the heat source that can cause pasty butt. Someone posted it on here but i can't remember who, sorry!
How do I say this without it sounding funny>? I can't say "My own personal experience with" or "My experience has been"... Ok, let's try this... I've found that pasty butt has occurred with my chicks when the temp has been too cold for them. Yeah, that sounds better. So, my advice is to turn up the heat.

I feed my chicks medicated Starter Grower from the moment I take them out of the hatching tray. They get either plain water, or water with about 1 cap full of ACV to a quart, or water with some Rooster Booster. I rotate the three.

Hope that helps.

God Bless,

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