Going on vacation!!!


Squeaky Wheel
11 Years
Feb 11, 2008
Waterloo, Nebraska
On Thursday we leave for vacation. We are going to Custer State Park in South Dakota and taking the horses. I love trail riding! We will be there during Buffalo Round Up. I will try to take lots of pictures. We plan on trailering out of Custer SP one day and riding up Harney Peak too. Harney Peak is the highest peak in North America east of the Rockies.

We go to a different park or natl forest every year with a group of friends. Last year we went to Shawnee Natl Forest. My riding companions kidded me the whole time that my Haflinger, Dolli, was so short she needed skid plates. She may be short, but she navigates quite well in the rough terrain. I would rather ride her than a spindly legged Quarter Horse!!
Custer State Park!! I am jealous!!
We are planning that for next year and then into Montana to visit the Custer Battlefield.(I have wanted to see that forever!!)
Have a great time.
There is supposed to be some quilt display/presentation going on at the festivities associated with the buffalo round up. I plan on being there. Unless of course I'm lost in the wilderness, wandering aimlessly on my horse. We are coming home on Oct 4th, so if you don't hear from me by Moday, Oct. 6th, send a search party!
Have a great time riding! We were in SD last September, but not on horseback. It has been so long since I have ridden that I wouldn't be able to walk the second day!

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