Going price for layers, etc?


12 Years
Feb 12, 2007
NW Florida
Hello all,

Does anyone have any suggestions for arriving at a good selling price for our birds? I've had a lot of babies hatched this year, and it seems my landlady doesn't want me to keep all my animals anyway. Feed costs have gone up, and I'll be forced to build 2 more coops before winter if I were to keep them all, so I'm going to have to pare down quite a bit.

Mostly I am selling layers just coming into their 2nd year of laying. All are healthy and good layers (as far as I know). I live in northwest Florida. I've had people ask to buy them before, but never had wanted to sell. Most of mine are heavy brown layers, dual purpose breeds.

I do have some bantams as well, both good setting/laying hens and some roosters.

As well as a TON of mixed-breed bantam pullets and cockerels (those banties have been BUSY, LOL.

If I offer to give any away, such as the young mixed-breed bantams, do you think I have to worry about anyone using them for baiting for cockfighting or training dogs or other animals?

Hopefully I can keep my ducks and geese and silkies for now.

And please don't think badly of me. I DO take care of my birds, and am responsible about them. I let my birds free-range, and the yard IS big enough for all of them, and then some. My landlady is just mad at me about other things, and she is a friend of a friend, so it makes it kind of complicated.

My question is mainly how do I know what is a fair price, because I would like to get what's fair and at the same time make sure they go to people who will value them.

Thanks all,

Been missing everyone!

I sold some of mine for $8 a piece, and I should have priced them higher. I was bombarded with phone calls and e-mails. Next year the price will be in the $15 range.

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