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    May 15, 2011
    So, my babies are about 9 weeks old, enjoying their first week out in their run. At the top of their ramp, there is a little platform, then they need to turn to get in the coop. They have mastered going UP the ramp at dusk, but they all pile on top of each other on the platform and want to go to bed there! It's totally not big enough for all 5 of them, but they keep piling on top! Is this just too complicated a path for them, or will they figure it out? Thanks for the responses, silly first time chicken-momma here. [​IMG]
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    Inside the coop is probably darker at dusk than on the ramp. Maybe add a light fo the coop for 20 minutes or so until they are settled inside?? I could be way off, it is hard for me to picture your set up.
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    If you are home, try getting them to head in early -- with treats if needed. I agree with previous poster, probably due to inside being darker at dusk.
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