Going to chance it with a home made incubator. Any one have some easy


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Feb 7, 2010
After returning two LG's that arrived with fans that didn't work. I have decided to try and make my own incubator. Does any one have suggestions on where I can find some easy instructions or any advice on how I can do this with our screwing it up. What are the biggest challenges with home made bators? Thanks!!!
I just finished one last week. Have 64 Bard Rocks in it. If you want to look up my post(not hard I only have a few) I put a diagram of mine on. I did make one change I put 2 two inch PVC's one in each corner for heat exchange. My Humidity soared to 70% then I added two 1/2" vent holes directly in the top, it is down to 43% as of 7 pm. I am using this http://www.dpdigitalcontrol.com/products.html for my thermostat, a 200w bulb and it is working perfect. It is 24"X24"X36 tall out side dementions 2 trays that will hold about 50-60 each. By the way it is in my shop with no heat and it held temp perfect at 19 degrees last night. If I can help anyway just hollow.


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