going to incubate for first time. . .


8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
Newark, DE
I got a Little Giant still air, how much better will this be if I install a fan to circulate air? any tips for this model incubator? its the basic tractor supply one. I have had it plugged in, with water in the bottom for around 3 days and I have the temp set at a nice steady 99.5
I got eggs coming that should be shipped either today or tommorow
you will love hatching your babies!!
it is so much fun and very addicting!

Good luck and keep us posted!
Good luck hatching! You're gonna love it!

The only advice I can give with your incubator is to keep a close eye on it. I've heard that particular incubator can be iffy on temps and things. My neighbor has one and she has a lot of issues keeping everything steady. Yours could be different but just keep an eye on everything. Also, until you know how it's going to act and till you can get used to how it hatches and get it adjusted, don't buy expensive eggs. Buy some barnyard mix eggs or such so if nothing hatches or very few hatch you won't be out boocoos of money

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