Going to put up a fence...questions.


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Apr 21, 2007
SW Florida
So the flock has been running free in the back yard for a while and now they are digging up the place.lol So I want to fence them in and seperate them out. I have an area of 75' x 100' that has two nice trees for shade. Two sides of the fence will be chain link and I'm planing on using chicken wire for the other two.

I have cochins and silkies so I'm thinking a 4' high fence will work as none of them really fly. Should I use 1" or 2" hex fenceing and what size post. I'm thinking maybe 3" round or can I get by with a smaller size. Also how far apart should the post be? Thanks for your help.


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Dec 4, 2008
Rhome, Texas
The easy way would be to use 5' t-post spaced 8' to 10' apart and either of the wires are fine. we have a large area that ours stay in and we used a standard 4" wire cattle fence.


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Oct 3, 2008
east central Ohio
Good questions. I'm still working on perfecting my own run. Currently I have posts 4 feet apart and 5 feet high. On my new run I will go around 6 feet apart and use a framing board on the top and bottom to help secure the fence tension.

I have a covered run now and will also cover my new run. My standard breeds can fly to a 4 foot roost easily. I've seen my Welsummers on a 7-foot roost in the barn that was their first home.

I'm also working to secure my fence bottoms so my chickens won't dig out. They are trying their hardest and one already succeeded.

Best wishes with your project.

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