Going to sound silly but...GEESE!


6 Years
Mar 18, 2013
Rockford, IL
I have a pair of geese that are traumatizing my ducks! They haven't gone in the fenced area - yet - but they are coming darn close. When the ducks are out, the geese will land on my barn roof (we found this strange for geese) and honk until the ducks are in a frenzy. They get a little closer each time. I think they're looking for a free lunch (the feed, obviously, not the ducks).

Yesterday, The Man fired several warning shots and finally got the buggers to fly away. But I heard them again this morning.

Anyone know how to proceed? What are the rules? If the harassment continues do they fall under the nuisance animal fair-game clause, or should I just keep discouraging them with loud noises and occasional warning fire? Or should I just let the ducks get their panties in a bunch and leave the geese alone?
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We don't have a barn. The birds are in a detached garage. They get fed inside, but I leave the door open for them during the day to go back in to eat or drink.
You might tr putting spikes on the roof so they can't land up there. If they actually harm your ducks, even if that means that they scare them so bad they have a heart attack or bite them or come down into the pen and terrorize them you now have every right to hoot them because you are protecting your livestock.
An important thing to know is whether or not the geese are Canada Geese or others. Canada Geese are protected. The others aren't.

I was in court one day when a fellow got sentenced for killing a Canada Goose. It wasn't pretty.


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