going to try to hatch a Pekin ducks eggs

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    Apr 26, 2016
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    I am trying to save the Pekins duck eggs from predators. I have been going to the college pond for years to feed her and the white gander that died in my arms. Now(Shorty) her name has a mallard that she hangs with and she is laying eggs. I have found several shells and something is eating her eggs so I took them and replaced them with large farm fresh eggs (brown) and I was wondering if she knows what I am doing. If I leave them there they will get eaten. The goose used to protect her and the other ducks from the Canadian geese that flies in all the time.I need some info on what I should be doing,.. I have 16 eggs right now but have not put them under the light to try to hatch them. Also there are two cracked ones,..one have an indentation and I wondered if I should open it to check if they are fertilized or try to save it?? Last year she laid 25 eggs and none of them were fertilzed,..Does one dose do it for all the eggs or does the drake keep up the mating? I could leave the rest of the eggs she is laying to she if she will sit in them and try to hatch them and I could start the process here at home when she starts brooding ?? I really need some advice on what to do,..please??

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