Gold-Laced Blue EE?

It looks like a tpical color for an easter egger and they don't have set color names. The one in the pic would e closest to blue buff columbian
Actually, that's a blue gold duckwing w/columbian
A Blue Buff Columbian is a bit different, search "Lemon Pyle Brahma" and you get what it is.

But, yes, they're pretty. Not laced though.
That bird belongs to someone here on the forum. Too many of us now for me to remember who.

x2 I was thinking that too. "I've seen her before, but who and where oh where did I see her on BYC?"
I was thinking she looked a bit familiar too, haha. Who knew this chicken was such a celebrity. Lol

And I'm sure she probably is carrying duckwing as are many EEs, but the duckwing pattern isn't all the way there so that's why I said she was "closest" to Blue Buff Col. And yes I've seen what people are calling lemom pyle brahmas, but I'm pretty sure they are correctly supposed to be splash or dom white Partridge ( since the "Lemon" color would be in the Pyle areas) instead of most of the entire body like the buff columbian based birds.
I guess she belongs to ChooksChick on here. She is the one who wrote the article. Her bio pic on the article is the same as her avatar on here. I don't feel like tracking down the actual pic on here though but I think that since we know the authur is a member here, we can be assured that we have indeed saw the pic on here before. Lol
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