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    Feb 25, 2012
    We have two Gold Laced Orpington Roo's. We just discovered this little dilemma earlier today. I know that we will be giving everyone who reads this a good laugh, [​IMG] We bought them back in April at a local Swap meet that takes place several times a year. We wanted more orpingtons to add to our chicken flock. They were about 3 months old and sold to us as females. I had started to suspect something was really wrong, not laying yet, looked different, etc. But not being familiar with this particular breed I was ignoring obvious signs until I found one of them trying to call like a rooster today. At that point everything slid into place. Our 2 GL are both Roo's. Ugh. They Have great dispositions and so far they get along very well, constantly together. They keep separate from our ladies, 4 barred rocks and buff Orpington. The girls really shun them. Anyway, we are in a quandry as to what we do now. We are primarily raising our chickens for eggs. We are in love with orpingtons and I have learned that the GL are rare, at least in this country. Can anyone give us any guidance? Not sure we are ready for chicks, don't know enough, we are obviously new at this and we do not have any GL ladies. These guys should be coming into maturity really soon, I would think. I am including a couple of pictured, they are really beautiful birds. Any and all advice is appreciated and yes, we are feeling really stupid right now. this is Goldie, we are going to rename his brother.

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