Gold Laced Wyandotte 4 weeks. Rooster???


Mar 14, 2015
Southeast PA
My Coop
My Coop
I don't know much...But this is different than the others...

Hoping an expert can take a look and let me know if this is a rooster.

I have a SLW that I adore. She is fat and fun, and sprints to come see me.

-I wanted to raise a GLW to add to the beautiful moving lawn decoration collection. I ordered raise and sell the rest as pullets.

This one started looking "different" a week ago. Feathers are a mess, tiny little shoulder feathers, in the picture I see wattles, big yellow legs..

I am excited! Or is it a pullet?

ETA. first pic has a for sure pullet...unless the I am really really really confused
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That's an awful large comb for 4 weeks (although it isn't bright red) and very think legs. I'm leaning toward cockerel, but would post its pic again in about 3 weeks.
Thanks guys! It just looks so completely different than the others. These are hatchery.

If it came from a different bin or something, so different parents could that make such a visual difference in development? It will be easy to keep an eye on it over the next few weeks, it's so different.

My GLW on the left gave me cause to wonder due to the large red comb. I didn't think she was going to be a "he" but that comb really threw me at first. I guess lesser quality hatchery stock can throw single combs vice rose combs every now and then. She turned out beautiful anyway but for awhile I thought I had a rooster.
It's still looking different. Way better colors on the feathers it does have. Tail is still not so much, going on 6 weeks.

The behavior is different too.

1. Last in the coop every night.

2. First to come peck my bending over bottom...and investigate what I am doing. I can see why people go all gaga over their ""sweet friendly" roosters and then develop a problem.

With all of them..."I am a tree"....except that I will push you off, and not engage further. I'm not going to start bad habits, just in case I keep him or for the family who might want a pair.

Still could turn out to be a pullet, but I seriously doubt it. At least he's nice looking...I think.

Thanks for all of the input! Much appreciated.
Hmmm, these are hatchery.... I did ask for 5 of everything else...but I asked for 6 GLW. Maybe they laughed and grabbed from the rooster bin.

It bugs me about what happened to his brothers though. Sigh, different thread....

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