Golden 300 hybrid and white layers


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5 Years
May 27, 2014
Any comments on golden 300 and white layers from metzer farms? I'm considering getting some but want some feed back from someone who's gotten them.
I got a golden 300 from metzer along with 9 other breeds, and she is pretty, friendly, and cute. She is also healthy. I don't know about laying yet, she is not quite old enough. I like them all except the name. When i am showing people my birds and naming the breeds "golden 300" sounds odd imo.
I have a white layer. She is friendly and 5.2 lbs. She just started laying a week ago or so ago and is now 24 weeks. Eggs are the size of a large/jumbo chicken egg. She is the boss of my flock but isn't mean to anyone, just in charge. I really like her and I got a layer because I wanted to have a really reliable layer since I got them for eggs/pets. I have a mixed flock.

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