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Feb 18, 2010
I was thinking about getting some Golden Comets from Mt Healthy. What shade of brown do they lay? I was thinking about getting some Welsummers for the dark eggs, but I also want something that lays a lot of eggs and is friendly.
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I love them and they are very friendly-when they first start to lay it is dark brown-LOVE IT! as mine laid their eggs with a shine to them:) they get lighter during the laying season just like all other hens...
I <3 my golden comets, nice big brown eggs every single day<3 I have two who lay a darker brown(not dark like welsummer but nice and dark) and one whose is a rosey brown
Medium shade of brown--not as dark as my RIR but darker than the SS. I have one that has been laying less than a month who drops a huge, double yolker ever other day. These are all from the same aged birds the RIR is in the center, RS on the right and SS on the left--her eggs are noticeably smaller as well as lighter brown.

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When they first start to lay, yea, they do lay a nice shade of brown egg.... But, I must be honest, as mine have slowed down (they only lay for 1 or 2 yrs.), they are now laying a VERY VERY light brown to pink egg. And most of them are mishaped or broken. I have lost a number of these to internal laying and other various egg issues. Honestly, they are overall friendly birds but I can't recommend them to you because of the problems that I have had with them.... I just don't think it is fair that somebody was careless enough to create a breed that produces soo many eggs that they sometimes die from it and believe me it is horrible to watch them suffer, try to save them, and then they die anyway.

Hope you make the right decision,

P.S. I got my Comets from Mt. Healthy. And I chose my username BEFORE they were old enough to lay so I did not know of the problems with them yet...
That is terrible! I guess I can mark Comets off the list. Thanks for letting me know what happened. I am so sorry you had to go through that.The primary, or so I keep telling myself, reason we have them is for the eggs and bug control. However, we do get attached to them. I have kids and they love to play with them. All have names.
Those are nice eggs. So, the RIR has darker eggs? Do they have laying problems like the Golden Comets? Did you get yours from McMurry?
Those are nice eggs. So, the RIR has darker eggs? Do they have laying problems like the Golden Comets? Did you get yours from McMurry?

No, I actually don't know what hatchery they came from. I walked into the local CountryMax in midApril and they had 4 chicks left and gave me a deal on them. The RIR and SS came from TSC. My EE's and BS came from McM at the end of May.

I haven't had the Comets long enough to know whether they'll have laying problems but my previous experience with Red Stars was fine, no egg laying problems at the end of 3 years--at which point I sold them.
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I think the super dark brown eggs one of my chicks just laid is from one of 2 Golden Comets.The first was a tiny (smaller than a dime) egg, the second a double yolk. My girls (5) are just starting to lay. In age and color order, I think the light browns were the Rhode Island Red and the Silver Laced Wyandotte. I have 2 GCs and I am sorry to hear they were bred to produce so much they will die sooner.

5 chickens, with names, more like pets.

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