golden comet with longer "bottom" beak than top


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Hey all
I'm new to BYC but have had chickens for over a year now. I recently got a golden comet who has a longer bottom beak than top. This makes it difficult for her to eat properly and when she eats from the feeder, she puts so much effort into it that she wastes as much as she eats and it's all over the ground. She also isn't as healthy looking as the other birds although she is laying great. Is there anything I can do? I feel like taking a nail clippers (I won't!) and making it even but I know it's not that easy.

Thanks for any info/advice.

she's not been debeaked, her top beak is formed perfectly. Should I expect any bloodshed (from the hen!) if/when I snip the bottom beak?
If you cut too close, she could bleed. If she does, some corn starch or flour will help stop the bleeding. It would be good to have a helper to hold her while you trim. Then you can take a little at a time so the bleeding won't be excessive, or maybe even be avoided. I imagine it works like a dog's nails: cut a little, wait a week, cut some more, and the vein in the nail will be further from the end of the nail each time.

You could also feed her in a deep dish or bowl so she can scoop the food up. You could put it in a pie plate or similar container to catch some of the spilled feed and save it.

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