Golden Comets?


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5 Years
Oct 10, 2018
So about a month ago I went to Tractor Supply to buy a few more Buff Orpingtons. They didn’t have any left, but they did have some unlabeled chicks for $1 each. I knew that the previous week they were labeled Golden Comets, but now the label was gone, and the store personnel didn’t have a clue what they were. So I gambled and bought 6 of them.
They’re about 5 or 6 weeks old now. They’ve all got black flecks around the base of the necks. Any ideas? Did I get lucky? :)
Definitely do not look like Comets agree as I have them they are buff red with white tails no black. Also known as Golden Buffs. I agree they could be a New Hampshire Red with black at base of neck and around tail feathers.

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