Golden Laced Wyandotte Cockerel & Game Rooster


10 Years
Apr 25, 2011
This auction is for 2 different birds but the the winning bidder has the choice of which bird that they want for the winning bid price or they can take both. So there is no confusion it would be like this if the winning bidder gets them for $10 and wants both birds it would be 10 x 2 $20
Bird # 1 is a Golden Laced Wyandotte Cockerel he's around 6 months old I was told out of show stock but I didn't ask who the original breeder was and no way to contact the people I got him from. He is very wide and heavy but still has alot of filling in to do. Pickup is very much welcomed on him but I will ship if the buyer is willing to pay for it I think with him being so wide will have to put him in a bigger box than the single stall and shipping will be pretty high and of course this depends on your zipcode. Here are some pictures of him:



Bird # 2 is a Game Rooster he is 2 years old very pretty and has nice chicks, he isn't like a typical game rooster that when you pick him up likes to bite you or try to fight you through the cage I raised him as a pet since he was a baby, I have no clue what his breeding is I just know he is a game rooster. Pickup is also welcome on him but shipping would be a bit cheaper on him I'm guesstimating $60 + $16 for a new box but this depends on your location may be more in the states farther away from me like WA and CA. Here are some pictures of him:


If you have any questions at all just ask me on here or send me a PM.

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