Golden Sebrights...a pair or a slow developing roo?


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
At first they looked like a pair. Suddenly today the girly one is looking a little manly, it sprung up a comb seemingly over night!

Definite roo is on the left.


The one who seemed like a pullet is in the back on the left. Kind of hard to see, but you can tell from that angle how much flatter its comb is.

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Oh I'm getting excited again, haha.

I tried to check for hackle feathers but it was so hard to tell on them. Maybe I can take a picture of those with a real camera and not my iPhone...
I hate to burst any bubbles, but Sebright Roos are "hen feathered". They generally don't grow the hackle feathers. However, her comb is still significantly smaller than the other, I would still say hen.
This just happened to me! I thought I had a golden seabright pair too. The little "girl" had a much smaller comb and was really sweet. The rooster had a very large comb and was cock-a-doodle-dooing like crazy.
But, about 2 weeks after my rooster started crowing, my little "girl" started crowing and had HIS comb come in, like you said, "over night." I'm hoping your situation turns out better than mine.

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