Goldenlaced Wyandotte roo???


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Apr 30, 2017
So far we've got one for sure roo out of our original 13. Now this Golden Laced Wyandotte is starting to look more rooster like, as well as squaring up with the Americauna/Auracauna roo on occasion. It is 11-12 weeks old. We only got one of these and one Silver Laced and my daughter all in a twitter now if this one is a roo as well.

Let me know if you need better pics and I'll get them tomorrow when they wake up. Thank you.

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(Above) This is my GLW's at about 12 weeks. The one in the middle's a roo.

(Below) 16 weeks-ish, taken about an hour ago. You can definitely tell he's a roo now, comb and wattles are nice and red, and his feather patterning is distinctly different from the girls. really hope he behaves himself, I think he's going ot be gorgeous when he's mature.

Based on your pic, I think you'd better pick a boy name, because that definitely looks like a rooster to me.
My daughter is quite sad and a little mad that 2 of our original 13 aren't hens. lol I think it's safe to say, the remaining 11 are hens. Should be interesting to see what happens with the 3 Americaunas we picked up once we found out about the first rooster.

This is our only Golden Laced Wyandotte and she really wanted one of those in her flock. We may go back up to Family Farm and home to see if they'll sell us just one instead of the usual 3 due to ours being a rooster instead of a pullet. They are spectacular looking birds.....beautiful plumage.

On a good note, I listed the other Male on CL and a lady replied that she has a friend that runs a Wildlife and livestock preserve nearby and has lots of room to roam and my daughter can visit anytime.

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