Goldie choking/gaping


In the Brooder
Jun 19, 2022
Our sweet Goldie has been having difficulties with eating/breathing for the past few weeks. She has been holding her head up with mouth open frequently throughout the day. It worsens when she eats her food, she will make extremely loud and painful noises as if she’s choking. We started softening her food and adding a bit of olive oil. I have also began giving safeguard paste, pea size on bread, 3 days in a row for possible gapeworm. I thought it was helping but everytime she goes for the pellets she makes the awful screeching noise. Her crop seems fine, no hard mass. No signs of respiratory infection. I was going to add a video but I am unsure how to upload. Thanks in advance.
Have you looked into her mouth/throat to see if there are any lesions ?
Looking at pictures on the internet and here to compare, it looks about the same. It’s a bit difficult to look inside but nothing noticeable as far as we can see.

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