GONE---Southern CA- 6 week old Easter Egger Pullets


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Edited: GONE! They found a new home. Thanks for the interest.

2 EE chicks-FREE

They are 6 weeks old on Monday and have almost all of their feathers.

The cockerel (male/ rooster) chick I had posted last week got a home with a friend. However, there are two other chicks that are going to need to find new homes since only three are wanted now out of the 6 we started with. All 6 were sold to us as pullets (females) at the feed store. I posted pics of them in another thread trying to figure out genders. Take a peak if you are interested.


The two we decided not to keep and are available are #4 and #6 in that thread. I can email more recent pictures if necessary. Please contact me if you would like them.

Thanks. I am near the 405fwy and 605fwy.
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Oh no! I just responded to an email I got from the craigslist posting I put up. If they don't get back to me over the phone within a few hours, I'll let you know. I would prefer to give them to someone from BYC if I could.
No problem. I asked my husband how far away you are and he said you are probably around long beach... that may be a bit too far unless we decide to go to the Aquarium and make a day of it.
So far the lady from craigslist really wants them, and we set up a pick up. I asked her to take a look at the thread with their pictures/ inquiry in the "what breed or gender" forum here at BYC. If she still wants them, she said she would come by after lunch today to get them. Therefore, at this point, I think they may have found a home. I will know for sure later today and I'll update this thread. Thanks.

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