Gonna try a new method for me... How to?

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  1. I'm assembling a kill cone and plan to try slicing the throat instead of the way I've been doing it; taking off the head with an axe.
    I have a very sharp knife ready, working on the cone, and have a plastic bucket for under the cone to catch the blood.
    Now, do I slice right across the entire throat or what?

    This is my last attempt before I send them to a processor, the only one of which around here wants to charge me $7 per bird for plucked.
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    You want to do on the sides to get the main arteries in the neck. Go for the area equivalent to our jaw ear area on both sides of the neck.
  3. Oh I am so done with these Roos, three of them just ganged up on one of my hens and flattened her to the ground attacking her. And they weren't even trying to mate her!
    They are done....

    Thanks Silkiechicken.
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    I wonder is she's off doing the deed right now...
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    PBP Its kind of nice when they are so nasty that you dont even feel bad about it...
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    careful with the sharp knife,, ya get to "hyper" and ya end up going to the other side,, head in hand ,,,,,,,,,, dont ask lol [​IMG]
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    I am a right hand person, so I'll hold the birds head in my left hand, the top of it's head in the palm of my hand, gently pulling on the head and stretching the neck, I'll draw the knife in 1 motion across the side of the neck, just above the jaw. The bird is in a cone when I do this. A utility knife or razor blade works well for some people. I don't like the "sawing" action. Takes practice to keep the head on the bird, it's easy to end up with it in your hand.
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    Try to not cut through the wind pipe. I was going to say esophegus, but I don't know how to spell that word..LOL

    I ussually cut them near the jaw like everybody is describing, also..

    but lately after doing a couple of ducks, and sawing through those tough neck feathers, I was wondering if it would be easier to guide the knive sort of with the grain of the neck feathers..

    Like start at the jaw and cut about an inch long slit with the tip of the knife with the sharp edge facing away from the neck

    the processing place pokes the knife inside the chicken's mouth and up into the brain..
    It is an electrified knife so it also kills the bird instantly..

  9. Nope, didn't do them yet. Planning to get the 4 Roo's done come hell or high water tomorrow morning.

    I cannot wait to share the dressed out weight of this monster roo I have out there. He's so heavy I cannot pick up his wiggly self with one arm, nor can I just pluck him up by the legs. I may have to forgo the cone at all on him, I'm starting to doubt he'll fit into it.
    I swear he's part turkey.

    He did crack me up today though, I came outside to help DH harvest potatoes and the monster roo came rushing up to me all tough stuff and fluffed up like he was going to come after me. I immediatly lunged at him arms out and all big and chased him off and my god, you wanna see a funny sight? Watch a 15+ pound meat bird RUN off wings flapping, wide eyed and shocked! [​IMG] Taught him to charge at me.
  10. I also wanted to ask, why do you not want to cut the windpipe?

    Oh and Hi Caress [​IMG]

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