10 Years
May 29, 2009
Leslie, AR
This morning I was turning my goose eggs (this is the last day of turning - day 26), and I noticed several small spots of amber sticky stuff on the large end of the egg. It has no smell all all. Can an egg be rotten at this late stage and not smell bad?
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I am at work and cannot check it until I get home. I candled it before I left for work, and it looks the same as it has - all dark with an air cell.

Should I have my mother remove it?
I would hate to have it blow up in the incubator, but I thought rotten eggs would definitely smell bad. This is my first time hatching, so I have no idea.
Is there any other reason it would seep? I wiped the stuff off (very little of it), and did not see any more coming out.
I candled again, and it looks the same as it has for a week - all dark except for the air cell. There is still some leaking, but it
s now a pale green instead of yellow. I am sure that's not a good sign, but it does not smell like anything! This is frustrating - I am afraid it will blow up, but also afraid that I will kill the baby if I act too soon. I have had everyone in the family smell that egg, and nobody smells anything bad.

Has anyone had an egg leak that hatched?
I have not had any blow up,,,yet....

I have waited on seeping eggs, the deciding factor was when it developed maggots.
I would take it out if I knew it was continually seeping. I had one that was seeping and because it was my first hatch didn't tweak that it was (I thought it was condensation because humidity was so high) - anyway, when I did finally take it out I was dismayed to find that it was lying in a pool of nasty smelling liquid and the neighboring eggs were sitting on it as well - needless to say - the eggs that were next to the nasty one didn't hatch - maybe the bacteria from that bad egg affected the others next to it:(.


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