Good-bye, Bea.


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Jun 19, 2011
Hello all,

Well, this morning awoke to discover that we lost our six-month-old Buff Orpington, Bea. She'd gone broody and we had her in a raised cage that proved to be no match for a raccoon. She will be missed. Not only had she just become a great layer (before going broody), but she was friendly and seemed to really enjoy being around us. I feel awful for having left her so vulnerable to predators, but I've learned my lesson. Time to procure a stronger "chicken jail" cage.

I'm sure the raccoon will return tonight. Thankfully, our run and coop are built like Fort Knox. So our remaining four hens (two Barred Rocks, an Australorp and a Golden Laced Polish) will be safe. I just hope that when the raccoon discovers this, s/he spreads the word to other predators in the area.

Sad day. Good-bye, Bea.

After you kill the raccoon, feed it to your remaining chickens
So sorry about Bea.

We lost two of ours a couple of weeks ago too; a raccoon slinked into a 4" hole and got them. We learned our lesson - what we thought was Fort Knox was reinforced the same day.
oh, that is sooo sad

I am sorry you lost your BO, they are just bea-utiful birds.

phooey, bad bad coon.
Oh! And she was broody!

That is so NOT FAIR.

I really hate the food chain. Poor little Bea. Just doing her job. waaaaaa. I love buff orps. Fat little sweethearts.

edit: I'd think about trapping that critter.
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I'm so sorry. Stinks for sure.
I lost a little cockerel today too, but not to a predator. STill sad. He was a ncie boy.

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