`Good' cockerel but what(s)?


12 Years
Jan 27, 2007
Roo that serves as my avatar finally crowed his last, just short of 8 yrs. Our remaining Black Sex Link hen, still very lively for an 8yr.old production girl, had only turkeys to keep her company (plans to get down to Estes for more BSL's aren't going to pan out this year). Cass heard of a cockerel that was headed for the stew pot and..., of course, it was recently liberated from quarantine (~4 months old). We introduced him to the `old lady' and he's been nothing if not a gentleman (pretty much following her lead and not being compulsive about `covering' her). If anyone could help sort out the lineage, just a bit, I'd be grateful.
I wish I could help, but I have no idea! Sorry to hear about your rooster, but this guy sounds like a good find! What a lovely pair they make :)
By chance when viewing your post a random image came up at the right side of the screen, right next to the pic of your roo. I thought they looked very similar:

Iowa Blue:

Only thing is this guy has black legs, yours has yellow. So maybe he's a cross with iowa blue and something else? I think the resemblance in plumage is rather striking.
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He's a silver ducking/silver laced cross of some sort. I feel like I've seen someone post a picture of a very similar roo just a few months back. He's very pretty.
Appreciate the info, folks. With any luck, we might be able to track down the `cousin of the uncle of the grandmother' through whose hands this guy was hatched and then traveled on the way to our backyard. If so, I'll bump thread.

The `blond' cape and saddle feathers, yellow legs and mottled breast are beyond my ken ( but I can't even tell a Merlin from a Sharp Shinned hawk).

Will compare other pics with your putative ID's and thanks again for the guidance!!
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