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  1. 7heaven

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    Aug 8, 2009
    I would like to know what breed is good for a backyard flock, and is a great egg layer. In the chickens we've owned, surprisingly a bantam was the best layer. She laid an egg everyday, except her broody periods.

    Thank you!
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    I'm sure you will get lots of suggestions, but I personally found Leghorns to be great egg layers. I have a white one, a silver one and 2 brown ones. The white one is full of nonsense and skittish, but the other 3 are very friendly and they are so pretty. They've been laying very well despite the short days and cold weather we've been having and I didn't put a light in their coop.
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    May 14, 2011
    There are so many to chose from.
    Black Australorp are wonderfully calm chickens and lay well.
    California Whites are great layers but can be rather flighty.
    Delawares lay well and are docile and friendly.

    Personally I like the Black Australorps the best. Mine are calm and lay well. My Delawares are a bit on the pushy side when it comes to being underfoot since they are so friendly.
    Speckled Sussex are very nice and lay well also.

    SO hard to choose.

    Perhaps one of each...... [​IMG] Just kidding. That would be a LOT of chickens.
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    Yes there are a lot of great breeds....I have a White Leghorn, a Rhode Island Red, a Plymouth Barred Rock,an Americauna and a Silver Laced Wyandotte. They are all wonderful birds and lay really well. The Leghorn is one of the best she barely misses a day and sometimes will lay the HUGEST double yolkers I've ever seen!! They are very pretty too. My Rhode Island can be obnoxious but she also lays every day...medium brown with dark speckles. My Barred is adorable she is one of the sweetest and lays lighter brown eggs. I love Americauna. She has a wonderfully docile yet fearless personality and lays the sweetest little greenish blue eggs! My Silver Laced is absolutely beautiful and the lady that I got her from said she used to lay really well but now she is about 6 years and is dropping In Production. She's a lovely lawn ornament though! Good luck chickens are great!

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