good egg project


Has Fainting Chickens
13 Years
Dec 25, 2007
Chaparral, New Mexico
I think most of us do this anyway, these are the pledges:

I pledge to be a Good Egg by:

1. Eating more healthfully.
2. Helping my family eat more nutritiously.
3. Being active three days each week.
4. Volunteering at a local food bank at least once a month.
5. Creating a care package for someone at a local shelter.
6. Helping serve meals at a local soup kitchen.
7. Gathering clothes from neighbors and donating them to a homeless shelter.
8. Organizing a group to clean up a park in my neighborhood.
9. Volunteering at an animal shelter.
10. Mentoring a student in need.
11. Organizing a local food drive.
12. Recycling and reducing my carbon footprint.

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