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May 18, 2011
Im working on the blueprint for my coop/run and want to know what size is a good height for the run? Right now I have 3-7 week old White Leghorns, and (3)-day old Speckled Sussex and (2)-day old Light Brahmas. I know the Brahmas are suppose to be big birds so what size is good? Right now I have a 10X10 PVC pipe temp coop that Im using 2ft high hardware cloth and would like to re-use that for the permant coop/run if possible. So for else chicken is a 2ft high run okay? Oh, and they will also be able to free-range some during the day. If it isnt what size to you suggest?
If permanent I would also go head ht. Make all cross braces high enough you will not run into them when cleanning or catching a roo or hen. OUCH! I learned that one the hard way.
Gloria Jean
Oops! Guess I should have added that! Yes it will stay put, but I will be hinging the roof on the run so I can open it up and clean it out, I will be using sand as we are in Florida and theres no avoidng it! I also dont want something I can walk around it, just something comfortable for my chicks.
2 ft. should be OK for the run as chickens usually scratch and peck downward and not up toward the sky. Unless there is a juicy blackberry bush near
. But keep in mind that the run will eventually need some cleaning, planting, and harvesting of manure for the garden. So YOU are the height factor to consider. I know I would not want to crawl on my belly to access all areas of my run.
I am speaking from experience with ducks, although I would imagine it to be very much the same.
Shorter runs are easier to build but should something happen, say a bird dies inside the run, or you have to remove something it's very hard to remove it when you're crouching or crawling around. I prefer a run that I can stand in for that reason and the fact that I like to sit with the birds. I dont know what your climate is like but if you get snow you'll also have to take that into consideration. When I had my ducks the shortest run they had was 3' and by mid winter they had 2' of packed down snow and ice inside the run except by their coop door.
That said you will want to give them at least enough room to spread their wings.

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