Good investment?


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May 21, 2014
I want to buy around 60 chicks this month then sell them next spring about when they are going to lay eggs. Would it be a good investment or just a waste of money because of food costs to keep them? Should I buy more/less. Anyone's opinions help! Thank you guys.


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Jan 18, 2014
Waste of money. In most areas pullets don't sell for more than $20 (at least where I am), usually they are closer to $10-$15 when you consider your time, effort, stinkage, and food... It doesn't seem that worth it.
Many people also prefer to buy chicks. If you want I think you should shop Ideal.. wait for one of their really good specials when you can get chicks for like $1 then resell the chicks for $4 or whatever and raise whichever ones don't sell as chicks and sell them as pullets!


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Jun 18, 2010
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It's going to depend on your local market and feed prices. I get $20 for my point of lay pullets, but it can take a few weeks to sell them at that price. I see folks on my local CL advertise them for $8-10 each, but I refuse to lose money like that. I don't know if I'm breaking even on the price, but it's a price that makes me feel good. If you want to try, I'd say start smaller and track feed prices. 60 chicks would need a huge brooder and grow-out pen! Maybe try 20 and see how things go.

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