Good Karma

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13 Years
Jun 21, 2009
Really Karma does come back and Blessings are multiplied.

I have this friend at Customs at a port near my work, She comes off as kind of gruff and unfriendly and I have made it a point to always be kind and considerate of her. In the beginning she was sort of gruff with me but as the weeks went by I noticed she was nicer and nicer, one day I brought her some eggs from my girls and it really touched her heart. So she would ask about my chickens from time to time....suffice to say, she is tearing down her fence and told me she is giving me all the fence materials if I want them and will even bring them out to my house - She knows I have made coops from pallets and other materials and repurposed them for the chickens.

I had no idea how much wood she meant. - This summer I can build all my girls new coops and a bigger run. I am amazed. All for kindness and a few eggs! WOW!

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