Good NOOB Incubator?


12 Years
Jul 25, 2011
Franklinton, NC
I just picked up 15 quail. I am eager to start raising more. I'm going to try to put some under a broody hen when I happen to have one but with as many eggs as I'm getting already....I'm thinking an incubator as "backup" will be good.

My biggest restriction is time...I will not be able to turn the eggs since I work 24hrs at a time. Is there a "cheap" starter incubator that turns the eggs? I know you get what you pay for but I would like something that isn't going to break the bank to start off with.
Many folks love and many folks hate the little giant incubator. I HATE it and refer to it as the "murder-bator" as it caused a big loss of chick life to me. I tried it once and sold it to someone who liked 'em. I highly recommend the hovabator with egg turner and you'll need the quail egg racks. Check out ebay for packages that include both. For a newbie, I really do not recommend the LG.
If you already have an incubator and turner you can purchase just the quail racks to replace the chicken sized ones Here. If not Here is a link for the whole kit and caboodle. Hope that helps
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