Good or bad idea?


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Feb 3, 2009
Hope Mills, NC
I have gotten into selling baby chicks and was considering a week guarentee, if you buy the bird and it dies withing 7 days, replace it if possible or refund. The thing is what if they didn't properly care for it, or there demon kid caused it? The money from sales goes back to chicks, not my pocket, it pays for coop expansion, feed, better feeders and such. So if it were you, would you refund? I've never had a chick die except for 2 years ago, he was weak to start with though. These chicks are a week old, thriving and crazy
I would do the guarantee, but make sure you state that you will refund them or replace if dies of natural causes if neglected there will be no guarantee.
I would do a guarantee, but only offer replacements the next time you hatch them. People may try and take advantage of you. Of course, if they show you the body...
Or maybe offer no guarantee and use your best judgement on a case-by-case basis. Do people start out asking for a guarantee?
I think it would be nice to maybe come up with a little phamplet or print-out on the basic care of baby chicks. It may end up costing you less in the end.
So, basically, I don't really have an opinion! I feel so wishy-washy today.

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