good potential?


8 Years
Oct 26, 2011
I have officially decided after losing another banty to lord only knows what that they are just too little for 100% free range and since I can't bring myself to sell them I have decided to make them a chicken tractor!
I can't spend a fortune so I started looking around at what we've got laying around. This cage has been around awhile, DH's father must have used it for something. I had rabbits in it until it became too big of a pain getting them out because of the small door. I'm hoping I can convert it into a chicken tractor. It's pretty solid. It's 5x2.5 and 3ft from floor to peak. Is that big enough for 5-6 bantys?? So far from looking at it I know... The legs might be a bit rotten at the ends but I can just cut them shorter. The roof is pretty rotten at the edges but I can replace that. There's a divider between the two sides I was thinking should come out since it doesn't go all the way into the peak anyways. I will remove the wire and make it fully enclosed. I plan on making the front sides open up so I can get in there easily to clean. It has a sliding door on the end that I would keep and use for them to go in and out of. I would build off of that same side for the run and enclose the entire underneath area for them as well. For ventilation I'd probably make some sort of pop out windows on the doors or backside. I'm not overly concerned about roosts or anything interior yet. I probably won't be working on this until warmer weather. As you can see it's a bit snowy here in WI today! Any thoughts or advice is appreciated, but mostly I need to know this will work for me or I'm starting over from square one again! Thanks!!

And yes, those are my genius sheep standing outside in the snow, can't make them go inside for nothing! Silly creatures
I think with some renovations it could be a very promising coop
If they are OEG size I say it would be fine. The roof looks like it maybe a bit rotten, if so a coon will go right through it

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