good price for an incubator?

I think that's a bit much for used... but... it may be a good idea to shop around first for that same model. 100 brand new after shipping sounds about right, but might want to check your local feed store first to see what they have on hand.
Thanks silkiechicken...I thought it was a bit much myself, considering it looks like an older model. But not being bator-savvy, I thought I should ask for advice...
What brand is that do you know??
I just checked our local CO-OP store and a brand new Hovabator is $169.99 not including taxes. Guess what I'm not buying yet
We got that same bator from TS last year for about $80 brand new and it doesn't work that well. I think its called "Little Giant" Id imagine a used one for $75 would suck just as bad, lol.

My favorite bator to use is a HOVA-BATOR (TFI). We've had ours for years and it still hatches %100 w/ not temp fluctuations!

We got ours from Stromberg's for about $90 brand new, shipping included. But in sure you would be able to fined a used one cheaper.

Here's a link to Stromberg's HOVA-BATORs page, they even have them as low as $51.50...
If you are going to spend at least $100 you should look at GQF manufacturing and their Hovabators. The 1588 is one of the best you can get as a home hobby incubator for about $115. The thermostat comes preset and you shouldn't need to tinker around with it. The turner is available for additonal cost but well worth it. I have 3 and love them!

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