Goodbuy my Friend I know you are in Heaven


Jul 26, 2008
Bagdad KY
Dear friends, today was the hardest day in my life, I never had a hard time like today, yes I am a Man and I cried and cried and I just don't know how to stop, My best Friend oliver had to go , he was so ill with kidnies falier and the Doc Could not do any thing else for him, he was suffering and now he is gone, I swear I have another 5 cats, but for some reason, he is sooooo special to me.


Thank you very much,and God bless you. I just needed to vent and stop crying, I am making my wife sooo worry about all this, but I know we could not let him suffer any more.
Thank you my Friend, I did read about the rainbow bridge, and I pray to God to see Oliver again, playing and running with his smile.
You are not alone. When our last dog died, my wife and I cried off and on for 6 months. I've had a lot of dogs and have only cried over 3, but Livvie was special. It gets better. I promise.
Oh, Omran, I really don't know what to say. I know Oliver was very special to you. I know he had some health issues this last couple of years, but I can't speak much to how you must feel now. Only to say I do know the absolute heartbreak of losing a treasured furry pal, a friend who loves you no matter what and you love him the same.

My heart truly aches for all, and if I could, I'd deliver many hugs.
will have to do, for this is the internet. Very sorry that he has finally gone.

I wish the best for Oliver, wherever he is. Those beautiful eyes will shine forever in your soul, and yours in his.
Ranchhand, Debi, and all of you my Friends, You Guys are Awesome, you are here for me when I need you the most, even I don't come here every day, I thank you all and Love you as a part of my Family.

God bless you all.

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