Goodbye Little Red


8 Years
Aug 6, 2011
New Mexico
Little Red passed away about an hour ago.

Her 4 coopmates are happy seeming girls , showing no signs of illness whatsoever. Full crops, normal stool, active and drinking....

The entire coop, the ground under the coop, the tiny perches - have all been scrubbed and bleached. They have a brand new feeder and the old one got bleached anyway! Water is clean and fresh. Girls were not allowed back in until everything had been bleached, rinsed and dried completely.

How long until I can stop sitting and watching......what's general virus incubation time?

BTW - I'm not crying over a stupid, dumb old chick! I got dust in both eyes while I was cleaning. Maybe it was bleach...cause both eyes just keep watering up and overflowing......
one loss is a loss sorry. I love my little girls so much in the short time. Hard to believe but I am so attached

I am so sorry! I've lost my favorite bird, Paul, and a few others, I KNOW how it feels to loose one that you found your self attached too! How do we get so attached to these lil birds anyways?
I have lost several favorites over the years, some effect you more then others. It does get easier to deal with after awhile, well for some folks anyway. When one of my first birds passed away I cried like it was my own kid for a few days before I could snap out of it. AFter that u learn things happen that are beyond your control and you will have losses from time to time for whatever reason. Its all part of the process
Thank you all.

The "really swell" part was telling my daughter that Little Red "...went to live with the stars like Master Ugway." (for those who haven't seen it - Kung Fu Panda reference).

I think that poor little Pingu (aka the penguin
) would just love to take a nap without my face at the brooder! I just wish I could know what happened so as to tend to the other chicks properly - they are still fine btw.
...and yes...I do consider ideopathic to be a cuss word!
ah well....
I hate it when that dust gets in your eyes.

Isn't amazing how the little boogers get under your skin?

My sympathies for you and your daughter.
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