Goose coop?

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  1. fordguy

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    Dec 6, 2007
    Is there such a thing? Do they need shelter? Here in south carolina we don't have harsh winters and my chicken coop is not heated and well ventilated. It is 12 X 8 and we have 30 RIRs that sleep in there and free range during the dayin an enclosed apple orchard.

    We are looking at getting Embden geese - maybe 4-6. Any thoughts appreciated! thanks in advance...

    oh, forgot we also have 3 turkeys. And 5 muscovy ducks.
  2. Lollipop

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    Hi fordguy! Welcome to the wonderful world of geese. I`ve had geese for about 10 years now and I hope I never live where I can`t have them. I started with 2 white chinese. One got killed by a dog and the other was so lonely, I ordered 8 emden goslings from a hatchery. That solved the lonely part. I`ve noticed, over the years, that chinese seem to be a lot smarter than emdens. They are also a lot more social and the chinese ganders seem to like human contact. My original chinese gander was so human friendly that he would actually try to climb up in your lap. Smart as a dog, too. Lots of touching stories about that gander. Sometimes they need a little schooling, as in the case where the guy mentioned didn`t like my wifes housecoat. All she did was grab that scrawney neck and scold him firmly. Funny to watch. Took about 3 lessons and he was great after that. Alas, he was killed by a predator, but his son caries on as leader of the gaggle. I now have only 5, but they are great. I heartily reccomend chinese over emden, but your experience might be different than mine. They don`t need a shelter, but a pond or lake is a necessity as they sleep in the water for safety and, of course, they are "waterfowl". When freeranged, they don`t require much grain, although they do need some. Get a book on geese. Some of the facts will amaze you. Good luck to ya, and Happy New Year.......Pop
  3. fordguy

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    Dec 6, 2007
    Lollipop, thanks for the reply! You know, I have heard the chinese geese are the most agressive! So I guess some are, some aren't and it 's probably not fair to say X gees are nasty and Y geese are not, but there must be some general rule about them that holds true more often than not. Just wish I knew what it was!

    And on shelter, they are in a fenced in 2 acre apple orchard without water. Not sure how to cure the lack of water issue.....would they sleep along a fence line inside the protection of the orchard?
  4. lilchick

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    May 23, 2008
    Williamsport In.
    I too like the chinese geese. My pr. stay in the horse pen with my miniatures. They drink from their heated trough and even eat out of the hay feeder with them! Gotta get their greens! And they love the sweet feed. Most of the nights they bed down right beside the horses outside even tho they have a 10 ft. by 12 ft. barn to sleep in.
    I agree they are very smart and sociable. Maybe a little bit loud when things alarm them but as they mature they settle down.
    I find it quite touching to see them grooming the horses as well as bossing them around! They tend to be territorial and run off any stray chickens or turkeys that enter the horse pen.
    I also have muscovies which are one of my favorite ducks right up there with the calls. good luck!
  5. Chiken Mamma

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    Jun 22, 2012
    Hi Lollipop and other geese "specialists"!

    I am new to the whole "farm" thing. Last year I bought some chickens and a guineas. LOVE THEM! Lost several to predators though. We have built and rebuilt a large coop 12 x 10ft with lots of roosts and nesting boxrd. So far the chickens and guineas are happy. 2 months ago I got 5 geese and 4 ruen ducks. The ducks lay in the chicken coop but otherwise the geese and ducks never go near it. Closeby we have a 2 acre pond and they tend to hang out with the Canada geese. I should mention that all fowl ar efree range. In the past week we have lost 2 geese. There is not even a carcass left. I suspect coyotes or wolves as we have both. Can you please suggest ways to encourage the geese and ducks into the coop at night? They are freindly but will not let me touch them or come too close. Do they need their own coop? I dont want to lose any more. It breaks my heart!


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