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    Jan 8, 2010
    I'd like to make a coop for my geese, their own shelter for the spring/summer/fall. In winter they go in with my chickens, but I'd like to let them free range and have their own space the rest of the year.

    I have 1 grown sebastopol, 3 more babies arriving next week. I'm in northeast PA - snow and cold in the winter.

    What do I need to consider for a goose coop? Basically the same as a chicken coop, or are there important goose-specific things I should know?

    Any links to pics would be appreciated!
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    Jul 10, 2007
    I came here today looking for basically the same answers! We just got six baby geese yesterday who we want to put outdoors in the next eight weeks or so, in some sort of a shed/coop. We also are raising them with 4 pekin ducks!

    Regular garden sheds, which we've used in the past for the chickens, goats and cats [yes we even built a 'cat house' for them!] are no longer made [the model we like] and the ones I've looked at are SO expensive!!! Then I thought CHICKEN COOPS!!! Smaller, less expensive! Might even be be able to build it!

    So I'll wait here with you for some words of wisdom from the folks here. [​IMG]

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    Our goose coop is in a barn stall with a big door that we close at night for them to go outside. Basically just more room... when we first made their coop we underestimated how much room they'd need as opposed to chickens. They make a huge mess with water, so try to make sure you can put water far enough away from a bedding area where their bedding won't get wet. Our goose also found a nice little niche to make her nest out of the way of drafts, so possibly consider that? Some people recommend not using a ramp for your geese to get in/out, but ours do very well with one, it just took them a few days to get used to.
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    Apr 15, 2008
    Besides predators their shelter needs to be free from wind & rain (& of course snow). --that is assuming they want to go in out of the rain, lol. Ours have Large chainlink kennels, that we move like a chicken tractor, for new grass. But for the ending of breeding season we'll have a new larger enclosure(s). We have Large hawks so as added safety & for thier shade we have tarped the tops Vs using a flight netting or top wire. I realize some free range their birds but living waaaay in the country I feel better having our birds safely penned, neighbors 'think' thier dogs stay on thier acres when loose. [​IMG] That is frustrating! [​IMG] So I'd rather be safe than sorry to keep my birds safe. Oh I have VERY large plastic dog houses that I use for their shelter. One for each pair. I line the bottom with straw & since it has a hinged top half it's easy to change out thier straw when it's dirty. They have a childs wading pool in place of a pond....they LOVE it, I empty & refill it daily, each takes 4 gallons of water. It's suprising how much they LOVE water, even on winter days they want to stand in their pool, even with ice! [​IMG] Geese LOVE numerous fruits & vegies, ours love lettuce, strawberries, watermellon, cantalope, apples=(only the fruit--NONE of the apple seeds, they're poisonous!). [​IMG] & cucumber peels of the skins are their favorite vegie. Goslings have nearly the same outdoor care needed as baby chicks.... keep warm on chilly nights or have a full time heat lamp available if their young, & predators will look at them the same as a baby chick (as easy picking for dinner). We have a grate bottomed pen my Hubby made that will be used as a gosling or chick pen. It's recycled firm metal that has small diamond openings (for poo to drip thru) but is very strong to support their weight alot better than a regular square fencing to be used as a bottom. But a gosling shouldn't be given a water pool as they can drown. They should be given just enough water so they can drink & wash thier beaks & eyes. [​IMG] Congratulations on your goslings & geese. I adore mine! [​IMG]

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