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May 29, 2009
Washington state
I'm new to this forum, so I hope this is an OK subject!

I've finally, after a long year of waiting, gotten a pair of show quality American Lavender goslings from Holderread's, their last hatch of the year. They are fluorescent yellow LOL and so sweet natured.

I want to get them used to diapers, although they may live outdoors at a future date.

Nancy Townsend, the Mother Goose lady, passed away in Feb
and I'm wondering who else makes the diapers, or has someone taken over her business?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Kim, I'm new also and just found out about the Lavender geese- please put up photos for us! My friends here just got some also and will go over soon to see- sorry I don't know about the diapers,which I can hardy believe people do. Ha . That's what makes life interesting. I will ask if friends know because she mentioned them when we talked.
Mags.....this is the woman I was talking about! I just checked out their website and there is no mention of her passing, but I did see a tribute posted to her back in February....she appeared to be such a delightful woman! I would have LOVED to have had the pleasure of meeting her and her creatures!

Here are the goslings. They are flourescent yellow with light yellow legs and feet, mostly pink bills and light brown eyes.


This is an adult american lavender on Holderread's photo album. The colors are not that easy to see. There are hardly ANY photos of American lavenders out there!!

Mr Holderread said he imported the lavender coloring from Europe, and had a heck of a time what with Mad Cow Disease and avian influenza etc interfering with shipping the birds over here

I hope someone knows about the diapers . . . I could probably figure it out from looking at the pics on the web. I have a mid sized diaper from my previous goose pet, and I suppose I could take it apart and get the pattern . . . I'm just NOT a sew-er.
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I swear that I have seen threads about diaper patterns floating around.....I don't know if Flight Suits, a commercial maker, offers them in goose size or not. Guess I have to do some digging around. I always counted on Mother Goose when I was ready.

Thanks for the photos of your beautiful babies. I bet you are so happy you suffered the wait!!!

I just ordered the baby goose harnesses
I've looked at that website but am not good at finding things, so again, THANKS.

I have a used playpen for them and other safe environments in the house but I have brand new laminate flooring and, well . . . no time to run around after them with a rag

So glad Nancy's legacy lives on!

This IS good news!!! I have been playing with the idea because our one Toulouse is such a sweetheart. Often I will put a towel under him/her and sit while I am reading or watching TV. Now I really know I am going crazy thinking of diapers but glad to know I am not the only one!

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