goose egg update(day 24)


11 Years
Oct 4, 2008
today is the last day of the cool down and mist. since the eggs needed to cool, i decided to candle and see where i was at. five of the eggs were clears(yeah, i know i should have gotten them out sooner) and one was stinking up the place. i took that one outside in a ziplock bag and broke it open to examine. it looked like runny spinach dip. the other six eggs are in the bator and only two have air cells the others are completely black. i smelled each one of these eggs and they don't smell. are these eggs dead too?

Only time will tell. I'm currently hatching 6 goose eggs in the incubator, and at day 24 I could definitely see movement and veins in the majority of the eggs. It was less noticeable in some, as shell thickness varies. Also, flashlight strength varies. If they don't smell, there is a good chance they are good. Raise the humidity to about 70%, wait until you start seeing external pips, then add some sponges to get it up to 85%. Don't touch the eggs – simply picking one up once after this point can cause problems with hatching position. Geese are pretty sensitive with this. After the first external pip (and possibly before it), you'll start to hear peeping. Before the pip, you may be able to see the eggs rocking in the incubator every once in a while. After they have a pip, give 24-48 + hours for them to hatch... It takes time. Sometimes, a lot of time. Some of my eggs have been pipped for over 24 hours, but tomorrow is day 30.

Good luck! What breed are they?
air sack good, full egg good. let them go and see if they hatch..

I have given up on too many eggs only to crack them open and find a living chick inside..

I tell my wife these are Humpty Dumpty s I broke the egg and cannot put it back together again..

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