Goose Egg?


Artful Wings
13 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Muskogee OK
hi folks, my Poser is the only goose in my flock of ducks, less than a year old, haven't been sure on gender, but the Drake Pekin insists a girl- so anyway, yesterday cleaning the duck house, i find this large egg- is it Posers? Is it too soon for a goose to lay eggs? She is 7 months old


ok thanks! She really is sweet, the waterfowl flock consists of a pekin drake, 2 welsh harlequins and a kahaki all girls- so i am happy this one turned out to be a girl- goose personality is really different than the ducks- she come to the door to invite us out...
I vote duck egg, especialy if they've just started laying. My pekins especially lay HUGE eggs when they first start, once a 4-yolker that was enormous! Poor duck.

As far as a goose/duck hybrid: probably not going to happen. There seem to be no recorded incidences of this.......ever.

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